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about us

TechsForBiz was founded by technology industry professionals with years of experience.

Mark Ehr - Founder and CEO

Mark is a 27-year industry veteran. He began programming in 9th grade and spent a decade as a software developer and IT operations manager before moving into technical and sales consulting for companies including Micro Decisionware (MDI), Sybase, Siebel and Cabletron/Aprisma. He also spent four years as an industry analyst for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), followed by five years as a director of product marketing/global sales director for Proxima/Compuware and director of product marketing for Ping Identity.

Mark is also a multiple entrepreneur. He had a TV repair business as a teenager, founded his first consulting firm at the age of 19, and served as equity partner, CTO and VP of Services for Polarsoft from 1995 to 2000. After another six years in the industry he founded EhrTech in 2006, a marketing consulting firm that he continues to manage. TechsForBiz is his latest venture, combining his years of expertise in IT operations and management with his knowledge of the IT management technology market. Mark can be reached via email at

Eddie Holub - Founder and Managing Consultant

Eddie developed his passion for IT with his own personal enjoyment of troubleshooting computers for friends and family. Working in the communications industry for 6 years as a sales manager, Eddie began diversifying his talents by managing the company's IT infrastructure. His experience and performance established him as the “go to guy” for computer related issues.

Eddie is also an accomplished web designer and graphic artist, bringing 10 years combined experience, and has worked with a number of local small businesses to help build a web presence. Eddie can be reached via email at

The TechsForBiz Network

In addition to Mark and Eddie, TechsForBiz benefits from an extended network of industry professionals that can be brought in to projects as needed. Certified Cisco networking professionals, security experts, graphic design, programmers and Exchange administrators are examples of TechsForBiz network members.